Stalking Night Shadows

Madonna Merced is a third generation ghost tracker who uses the latest techniques and equipment to investigate your home or business!

Indians of Table Rock EVPs
During a gold rush in southern Oregon, the Takelma Indians were forced to the top of  upper and lower table Rock plateaus. Several EVPs were captured during my investigation. I have uploaded two: (1) "He is," and; (2) in response to me asking are there any Indians here, "Which one?"


Bigfoot Scream? I do not believe in BigFoot, however many people heard the scream that night.
Captured in Granite Oregon During a paranormal investigation we heard a scream that filled the cannon.

Man Screams Granite for upload

Granite Oregon, Man Scream and Whisper EVP
EVP: " Nice to see our research assignment do this,,,,
Man Scream comes through as a honk, but I can assure you it was a scream!


Le'Stuff Antique Mall
The site of a Halloween investigation. The spirit box captures.

"Let's Play Ball" "Boy Doll" EVP


Madonna asks Spirits to drop temperature and Spirit responds.


Halloween 2016 Woman's Voice EVP

Womans Voice EVP


Man EVP,