Bannack, Montana: The Ghost Town Bannack, Montana: The Ghost Town Bannack ,Montana n 1864 when the First Legislative Session was held here, Bannack was named the County Seat of Beaverhead County. In 1875 this impressive brick building was built as the first Beaverhead County Courthouse, but by 1881 the gold rush to Montana was history. copyright madonna merced2011 140637277 Bannack, Montana 140637275 Bannack, Montana 140637273 Bannack, Montana Built in 1877, the Methodist Church was the first building in Bannack built exclusively for the purpose of worship. Throughout Bannack's history, the women often remarked in their letters and diaries "of the lack of a proper place to worship." Religion played an important part in the lives of the first "respectable" women to come to this little mining town and no doubt had a lot to do with their tolerance of life here. However, not having a place to hold regular meetings was always a problem. 140637276 Bannack, Montana Haunted, yes, state park people most welcoming! You can actually go inside the buildings! Get a sense of how things actually worked and people lived! 140697015 Bannack, Montana Hendricks Mill sleeps just south of the town, Bannack. At one point, a crushing mill stood just behind the cyanide mill that is pictured. The assay office has the red roof. The assay office is where samples of gold ore would be taken to be tested for their content. If the gold ore was bearing enough gold, then the miners would drill into the earth in that spot. The ore was then brought to the crushing mill. After crushing, the ore was usually shipped to be smelted in East Helena. However, when the cyanide mill was operating, the ore would be processed locally. 140637279 Bannack, Montana 140697016 Bannack, Montana 140697017 Bannack, Montana 140697018 Bannack, Montana 140697019 Bannack, Montana 140697020 Bannack, Montana 140697021 Bannack, Montana 140697022 Bannack, Montana 140697023 Masonic Temple and School 192537792 House 192537793 House 192537794 Jail 192537795 Tavern 192537796 Outhouse 192537797 Cooking Stove 192537798