Stalking Night Shadows

Madonna Merced is a third generation shadow tracker who uses the latest techniques and equipment to investigate your home or business!

Protocols To Consider

Here are some protocols that might help those who are just starting their paranormal team.  1. Pictures and video capture will not be take in the rain, snow or foggy. 2. No smoking can occur during the investigation by team members. 3. When taking pictures during cold weather members should hold their breath or refrain from the activity. 4. Hair should be tied back when taking picture. 5. Camera lens are to be cleaned prior to taking shots. 6. Make sure to account for your fingers during photo shoots. 7. Cameras with night settings are to be used on this setting in dark buildings or during the evening. 8. Pictures are not to be taken when directed at the light or sun. 9. Spirits should not be taunted by any team member.  Hold the deceased in the highest regard and respect their existence. 10. Promote positive energy during the investigations by showing kindness. Remember positive energy will sense your fear and stay away out of respect for you feelings. Spirits that might be considered to negative will feed off your fear. 11. Always remain objective during investigations and try to first find a rational reason for what you are experiencing or have seen. 

EVPs: Electronic Voice Phenomena

EVPs, Electronic Voice Phenomena, are these Captures the Holy Grail in Ghost Hunting? Since the age of five the faint voices of the other side have been something that I had come to except as normal. I suppose one could question my experience given that I was a mere child. Experts or adults might have considered me to be prone to wild imaginings and thus would have interpreted my experience accordingly. Now the difference in this is that I was not always the only one who would experience the mutterings of some being that exists somewhere in time and it would be heard by another person near me. A recent situation is of special note as a reference for the direction of this article. During the Halloween live investigation at Le’Stuff I heard the voice of an energy or spirit on the other side say, “I’m here!” I stated to the group that I had just heard a voice say I’m here and then the 12 year old investigator standing beside me stated that he had heard the ghostly voice also. I captured the EVP on digital recorder as a whispered voice of a man stating, “I’m here!” I describe this incident because it is a great example of something I have encountered my entire life. It should be noted that to date I have reviewed over twenty EVP captures associated with the Le’Stuff investigation, (Le’Stuff Antique Mall, Hillsboro, Oregon.) During another paranormal investigation that took place in the ghost town of Golden, Oregon the team heard the voices of energy or spirits and we captured EVPs confirming the experience. Additionally, we captured EVPs of residual energy or spirits as well as that of intelligent energy or spirits. In the case of the residual energy we captured EVPs of a gun firing, two men laughing, and a woman screaming, “Help me.” Interestingly when I returned to Golden for an EVP session during another investigation I captured the voice of what sounds like the same woman once again saying, “Help me!” I was amazed during this second investigation when my husband, who must see or hear the hard core evidence in order to even consider that something exists beyond the realm of logical possibility, let me know that he could hear the ghostly whispers coming from outside of the church in Golden as I set up the digital recorder. Once again, in this line of work or discovery, everyone is looking for their own niche and attempting to define themselves as an expert. Paranormal activity that has not been explained away, (such as a floors that squeak and crack because of settling, or pipes that whine from air pressure or a door that closes because the house tilts in a certain direction), has yet to be fully understood by anyone. The field is a work in progress and there are no experts. When I hear the word science, (a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws), used to imply with certainty that someone has proven whether or not paranormal activity has occurred in a location, I am puzzled about the dictionary the person may be referencing. Energy exists and interacts with us in this physical world. I don’t know anyone who can say, without some level of doubt, that an EVP may or may not be your aunt Martha. However, what I do know is that something is there and it exists everywhere. If you want to explore the phenomena buy a digital recorder, step out your back door, go to the park, or set up in an old abandon building and ask questions while recording. Be prepared to record for at least four hours. If you are patient, and you review your recording very carefully, you will find that something from the other side responded. EVPs fascinate me! I believe that this phenomenon is something that cannot be denied or fully explained. Everyone who is interested should go out and attempt to interact with the other side if they are comfortable in doing so. My only caution is that one should be prepared for what you might encounter and what might follow you home. Once you have called attention to yourself with the other side there really is no turning back and there is no easy way to send them away. I don’t mean to suggest that an energy or spirit will harm you; they just might attach themselves to you and stay for a while. Certainly there are many who believe that human spirits can be sent to the light and demons must be dealt with using a specialist in the field, I cannot state unequivocally that I agree or disagree. I support an individual’s choice to decide in what they believe about the afterlife. I am catholic and study the Toltec beliefs. Go forth and explore and never let the “so called” experts intimidate you because; “The Truth is Still Out There!” Copyright 2010 Madonna Merced