Stalking Night Shadows

Madonna Merced is a third generation shadow tracker who uses the latest techniques and equipment to investigate your home or business!


EVP: "I am!!


Indians of Table Rock EVPs
During a gold rush in southern Oregon, the Takelma Indians were forced to the top of  upper and lower table Rock plateaus. Several EVPs were captured during my investigation. I have uploaded two: (1) "We Can!" and; (2) in response to me asking are there any Indians here, "Which one?"


Update July3, 2018: After analyzing the recording through different systems I believe the scream was that of a mountain lion also know as a cougar. The EVPS however are of other worldly beings. Bigfoot Scream? I do not believe in BigFoot, however many people heard the scream that night.
Captured in Granite Oregon During a paranormal investigation we heard a scream that filled the cannon.

Man Screams Granite for upload

Granite Oregon, Man Scream and Whisper EVP
EVP: " Nice to see our research assignment do this,,,,
Man Scream comes through as a honk, but I can assure you it was a scream!


Le'Stuff Antique Mall
The site of a Halloween investigation. The spirit box captures.

"Let's Play Ball" "Boy Doll" EVP


Madonna asks Spirits to drop temperature and Spirit responds.


Halloween 2016 Woman's Voice EVP

Man EVP,