Stalking Night Shadows

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How to determine if you are having a paranormal experience.

Is Your House Haunted?How to determine if a place is haunted? My experience with the spirit world and haunted places dates back to childhood. Heavy footsteps in the hallway or coming down the stairs are certainly an indicator of a ghostly phenomena if no one is in the house who would be walking about and making the noise. As a person who channels those on the other side, I have heard the footsteps in homes where I have lived, in homes of my clients and various places where I have lodged over night. Ghosts my friends are all around us and make their presence known when they are in the company of a believer. Indicators of a haunting: Noises that can not be explained such as something dropping and hitting the floor; scratching sounds; tapping and knocking; Lights that turn off an on; ceiling fans that turn off an on and; electronic equipment that turns off an on for no known or logical reason; Doors opening and closing; cabinets opening and closing and closets that seem to open and close; Shadows; darting light that is not associated with an explainable event such as passing car, sunlight, etc; Animals that act strangely when in certain areas of the house. For example, a dog that will not go into a certain room or that seems to target an area of the house and growl at what appears to be nothing; A strange sense that you are being observed; Hot and Cold spots. Variations in the temperature in a certain location in the house by ten degrees or more which is not explainable. Sudden temperature drops or elevations; A scent or smell that overwhelms you and there is no reason for the presence. Muffled voices, muted cries, whispering where there is no one near or outside,and breathing,are signs; Observing a door open, a television turn on by itself, an object that moves without assistance; Physical contact that results in a rash, welt or scratch; Apparitions. Any of incidents listed above could indicate that you are experiencing a haunting. However, it is always advantageous to attempt to determine what might be causing these things naturally. Houses adjust and settle as time goes by and create an array of noises that include cracks that sound like footsteps. If you have animal life that is around your property such as squirrels or heavier birds when they land on the roof it can make some strange sounds. Also, if a door opens seemingly by itself, check to see if it is level, if the hardware that holds it in place is properly fitted and, always check to see if an animal is somehow involved in the action. Electrical issues created by faulty wiring can create a field of energy that causes feelings of paranoia. This could also create the feeling of being watched as well as fatigue or depression. You can check your home for electrical issues with the use of an EMF detector or have a professional assess your situation. Lastly, shadows, as I mentioned earlier in this writing, can be caused by a multitude of things such as sunlight broken by tree limbs, cars passing by, car lights bouncing off a window, or an animal passing in front of a light source. It is important when you are assessing your situation to determine if your home is haunted to first determine if you have any type of rational explanation for the occurrences you are experiencing. In addition to ruling out natural causes for your experiences, I believe that it is important to document each incident that you feel is unnatural. Keep a diary of events that includes the time, date and place in order to assist you in investigating what is going on in your home. If after you have eliminated all of the possibly natural reasons for your experience and want to know more about what is going on in your home, then I would advise you to call a professional ghost hunter. Madonna Merced, Psychic Medium Founder of BoOSS What Types of Spirits Exist?Definitions: Residual Haunting, Intelligent Haunting, Other For the purposes of our organization I would like to offer the following definitions of Spiritual activity that people most often experience: Residual Haunting: A residual haunting involves an experience by an individual before death that is repeated in the same vicinity after death. For example a woman who waits for her husband to return home from a war. Each day she faithfully goes to the second story of her home and looks out the window waiting for his return. Although the years pass by and he never returns she continues this ritual until her death. In some instances this activity she practiced repetitively in life may continue after her death. This type of haunting does not involve an intelligent spiritual presence that can interact with you. Intelligent Haunting: Spirits may remain behind after their physical body has died for many reasons. In some instances they may have unfinished business such as the need to say goodbye to a loved one or to return to their home one last time. The reasons can be endless and each different based on that individual personality. These spirits can interact with the physical world through many different means. Some may communicate through verbal acts that can be heard and others require a recording devise which produces EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). There are situations where the spirit can manifest in full form and dressed according to the period in which they lived, still other spirits may manifest as white energy and some as a form with no substance. It is the intelligent spirit that may not be aware that they are dead or remains behind avoiding death continuing to interact with physical world.